Here are the results from tonight’s Shooto Chicago Collision 10 event that went down at the Sibelius arena in Lahti, Finland.

Shooto Chicago Collision 10 takes place in the city of Lahti also known as the Chicago of Finland.

LW: Aleksi Mäntykivi 71,1  vs. Pierre Berillion:
Berillion by armbar R2  2:52

LW: Mikko Vaittinenvs vs. Niko Myllynen:
Vaittinen by unanimous decision

LW: Kari Päivinen vs. Ville Lehmusmetsä:
Lehmusmetsä by majority decision

MW: Marco Alumnovs vs. Juha-Matti Joensuu:
Alumno by majority decision

LW: Åke Bergvall vs. Jani Ridasmaa:
Bergvall by rear naked choke R1 1:48

LHW: Magnus Strandner vs. Heikki Soveri:
Strandner by choke R2 2:08

LHW: Rimkaudas Kutkaitis vs. Toni Valtonen:
Valtonen by KO R1 0:31

LW: Saulius Bucius vs. Jimmy Immonen:
Bucius by choke R2  4:00


If you missed the event preview for Shooto Chicago 10, check it out here.