“Swedes hate me” jokes Anthony Johnson on media day for UFC’s International Fight Week to MMAViking.com. “He met me on the 6th day, and that’s the day that counted.” says Rumble in response to earlier comments from Alexander Gustafsson that commented he could beat the American 6 out of 7 days a week. “I’m cool… but dude, you sounded like a sore loser” says Johnson that says there is no beef between the two.


“He feels like he can beat me, that builds fire in the division.” comments the Blackzilian fighter. “We are the three amigos.” says Johnson about Cormier and the Swede and himself that are all set to do battle with each other moving forward.

“Gus will give him a run for his money.” comments Johnson, who also advises the Swede in his upcoming matchup. “When Gus fights Daniel, he’ll be speaking his Swedish. No more instructions in English.” referring to Johnson’s ability to listen to instructions from Gustafsson’s corner and take advantage of the fact that he could understand what punch and kick may be coming next.

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