Sweden’s Sirwan Kakai (10-2) will face undefeated American Joe Barajas (10-0) tonight at Titan FC 31. The bantamweight bout takes place at the USF Sundome in Tampa, Florida.



The fight has been moved up to the main card after the main event was cancelled due to Yoshiyuki Yoshida pulling out once Mike Ricci did not make weight.

Round 1
Kakai and Barajas start slow on the feet. Kakai using his jab to establish reach, and nicely mixing in leg kicks. The American wrestler wants to take the fight to the ground, but the Swede defends. Kakai lands some good elbows to the side of the head. Kakai takes round 1.

Round 2
The leg kicks that Kakai has show to be a go to move in his recent fights are working again. The two work for position. Kakai lands a big elbow again as the Californian tries to take the fight to the ground. Kakai takes another round.

Round 3
The leg kicks continue, mixing in with the Jab for Kakai… and he is control in this bout. Again, Kakai defends against the take-down making Barajas pay for it with punches and hammerfists. Working to get to his feet, the ATT fighter continues to push the head down and land more elbows. Kakai reverses the position an takes back! He looks for a choke, and has the arm triangle tight. There is a tap. Kakai finishes it at 4:40 in round 3.

Kakai wins by submission at 4:40 in Round 3.

Kakai Celebrating with American Top Team After Bout
Kakai Celebrating with American Top Team After Bout