Iceland’s Thor Palsson (4-0) won the European Championship belt with the FightStar Championship promotion last night.

Palsson Wins Again (Photo by Sóllilja Baltasars)

Iceland’s Palsson headlined FightStar Championship 12 at London’s Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre and beat Qamer Hussain (5-2) for the vacant lightweight title by decision.

All the hard stuff is done! Finding an opponent and setting the time and place for the fight. Drilling the same things over and over again and fine tuning the technique. Working on my grappling, kicking and boxing. Gruelling myself in strength and conditioning training. Sparring with various training partners and pushing through the rounds no matter how tired I would be. Meditating, breathing and preparing my mind. Cutting weight, travelling and showing up in London ???? . Now all of that is done and I can honestly say that I am readier than ever. I´ve had the best training camp I´ve ever had. My body feels great. The weight cut was easy and I can just feel the energy flowing through my veins. I believe that I have skill, power and mindset to defeat any man in my weight class. It´s early days in my career and my journey will NOT be halted tomorrow night. My opponent seems to be a decent guy and I´m under no illusions about the fact that he definitely posesses some skill but I don´t think he has any business sharing the cage with me. No disrespect. I respect any man who enters the cage and fights, but I´m on another level than I´ve ever been and I come prepared to finish the fight in style? . It´s ON! ??????? . #READY #FightTime #FightstarChampionship #MMA #GetOnTheThorTrain

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The Mjolnir trained fighter beat Alan Procter (0-2) at FightStar Championship 9.  He is a 2015 IMMAF European Open Champion at welterweight.

“I’m thrilled and grateful but most of all I am fired up and hungry for more.” says Palsson.

Last night I became the European Lightweight Champion of the @FightstarChampionship? . I’m thrilled and grateful but most of all I am fired up and hungry for more??? . Thank you Quamer Hussain for a good fight and thank you FightstarPresident @RajSingh.R for producing a great event. Big love to all of you who have taken part in my journey; trained with me, coached me, managed me, supported me, sponsored me, encouraged me and in any way, shape or form been there for me. Without you, there is no me❤️ . I’m kicking back and relaxing for a few days now and then I’ll get straight back to the grind. I feel the momentum and I feel the power flowing through my body. I have big ambitions and I am nowhere near done? . Áfram Ísland?? . Photography by @RunarHrodi ? . #MMA #GetOnTheThorTrain #FightstarChampionship

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