Tor Troéng provided an update on his TUF tryout experience on his Swedish blog With permission from “The Hammer”, the top ranked Nordic middleweight, below is the update translated to English =)

Troeng Blog Post

Yesterday was the long-awaited chance to be a televised celebrity. It started at 8 am with registration. There were around 300 applicants, thought there would be more people actually, but it felt as if the level was pretty high on those who were there. Both me and Nico (Musoke) were assigned to the last group, so our time to shine began around the 2pm.  There was testosterone in the air, and the smell of stressed animals was palpable. All in all, it felt good day and I’m pleased with his effort.

Orcbite is Sponsoring Troeng

Now it’s just keep our fingers crossed and we’ll see what happens. We’re still in Vegas this week, regardless of how it goes. Hoping to test Drysdales gym a week, everyone says it to be cruel.

I also suffer from horrible jet lag, however I usually tend to have fairly easy time to get into the rhythm, but this time I wake up in the middle of the night and just can not go back to sleep, are tired during the day. It’s been tough.

Would like to welcome a new sponsor who helped me on the journey. Timelab ( A web company based in Luleå with some of the world’s largest companies as customers. The captain of this ship is Alexander Hagman, also known as a happy boy in the band Raised Fist. He is a good friend and has a burning interest in MMA so looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.