From a visit with Nordic MMA pioneer Tor Troèng‘s home gym of Renyi in Umeå, it would be hard to tell he is retired, but he really is. “I don’t want to fight any more” says the Hammer as he teaches classes and drills ground and pound with the pro team. “I’m retired.” says the Swede, when asked if even a CM Punk offer would be put on the table for a return to the Octagon.


It’s been four months since Troèng called an end to his career after UFC’s third trip to Stockholm. “Sometimes in my mind I forget that I don’t fight anymore.” jokes the 32 year old that finished with a 16 win and 7 loss record. “I’m starting to come into coaching. It has always been a part of me.” says the middleweight.

“It’s not a pretty place, but we call it home” says Troeng about the club Renyi that he has helped bring to the attention of international MMA fans. “When we started, we didn’t know anything at all” admits the mathematician at the local university. With the addition of producing another UFC fighter with Andreas Stahl, the small gym from the small town has produced big talent. “We are always working hard here, and that is the key.”


The four time UFC veteran may also be adding another role to his schedule as he hints at the return of Battle of Botnia, which was a regular local promotion years ago. “We are probably going to have it again.”

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