Alexander Gustafsson is focused on getting the belt, but opens up about his road to get there. “If I have to take an opponent before or three, I’ll do it” says the Swede to from Allstars Training Center today.

“It’s been a roller coaster” continues Gustafsson about the ups and downs of recent events taking him into surgery, and out of his title shot. “I’m still the same modern viking” says the Mauler that is ready to fight. “I would probably do it” answers Gustafsson if the UFC would put forth an Anthony Johnson contract for the UFC 182 card with a planned Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier bout on January 3rd.

The #1 light heavyweight contender also gives his insight into his coaching strategy as he is likely to be in the corner of Ilir Latifi, Niklas Backstrom, Tor Troeng, and Magnus Cedenblad at the upcoming October 4th card in Stockholm. See the full video interview below

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