In a candidate for fight of the night Emil Week reigns victorious after a high paced battle with Per Franklin.

Round 1 – Per is swinging hard and lands a hook! Trying to get close and take Emil down, but Emil recognizes and now Per is pressuring him against the cage. Per is holding on hard here, trying to secure the takedown but Emil gets up and seperates. A beautiful combination from Emil, both kicks and punches sends Per down to the mat! Still hanging on, with Emil hammering down punches. Emil restarts the action and grabs Per and lands some hard knees, still swinging for the knockout. Per is hurt and Emil is swarming him now with punches. Per lands a HARD punch that staggers Emil, chasing him Emil lands a hard straight that sends Per down again! Crazy action here from the two fighters. Emil goes forward landing hard knees and Per is forced to look for the takedown again, but Emil wants none of it and he stands up. End of round.
Round 2 – Both guys meet in the middle, and both guys tired from that crazy first round. Emil is keeping the distance trying to find a opnening. Emil lands a hard straight and sends Per down again, this time the referee jumps in. Per is quick to object to the decision, and looks to be fine.