Exclusive Interview with Alexander Gustafsson Coach Andreas Michael


Not too many people know more about Alexander Gustafsson’s game than his head coach Andreas Michael.  MMA Viking talks with the coach that now trains fighters at his home base of Stockholm Shoot and at Team Alliance in San Diego.  Listen to the insights of the coach as he talks about what makes Gustafsson different, his training methods, the team approach to coaching, and much more!

MMA Viking Speaks with Coach Andreas

Exclusive Video

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  • Great interview, Ryan!

    Andreas is a really nice guy, which I think you all see in the interview. And a great striking coach as well. For those of you interested in training for him and Alexander, and a bunch of other great fighters and coaches, check out our MMA and muay thai summer camp at http://www.MMAacademy.se.

  • Thanks MMA Academy! New video coming up shortly!