Swede David Bielkheden will face the Brazilian Daniel Acacio on April 9 for the welterweight title at Superior Challenge 13 in the promotion’s first trip to Norrköping, Sweden.  The promotion officially announced the first bout to be revealed on the card.


It will not be the first time these two battle it out under the Superior flag, it was at the SC 6 – Lion’s Den event back in 2010 when they last fought for the welterweight title in the organizations first title fight, a bout that ended with Acacio winning by a split decision. The decision that was later overturned to a disqualification of the Swede from SMMAF a doping test violation.

The Swedish Pride FC and UFC veteran currently stands with a 21-12 record will be looking to continue his current 4 fight win streak with his last decision win over the former UFC fighter Cody McKenzie. ‘Buster’ is still waiting for his chance to return to the UFC and maybe a win in this fight is just what it takes to get that extra push towards the premier MMA organization.

Daniel Acacio 30-18, also a former Pride veteran comes in on a negative 5 loss streak that he will be looking to end with his fifth fight against a Swede, he earned his nickname The Viking Hunter after winning over 4 different Swedish fighters with his last win over Bielkheden included.

Babak Ashti, Founder Superior Group International:
– We have tried to book this bout for a long time, and now it’s finally on. David is incredibly enthusiastic about the fight and Daniel is never late to accept a challenge. We’re talking about two very experienced and technical fighters who will clash in this incredibly exciting matchup. It is a lot of prestige at stake, and as if that is not enough, there is also a title belt at stake. Brazil vs. Sweden, champion vs. challenger, will David get his revenge or will the Viking Hunter strengthen his position as champion?