Pouria Rashidi will join teammate Håkon Foss on tomorrow’s UWC 23 card in the Southend, England. MMAViking.com talks to the Frontline Academy fighter who will give professional MMA a try and challenge the UK’s Dominic Dhillon.

Pouria Rashidi
Pouria Rashidi Training with Simeon Thoresen


Where are you from?
I moved to Norway at the age 17 from Iran! Now I live in Oslo, Norway and train at Frontline Academy!

What is your background? How did you get into MMA?
My background is boxing! I boxed for 8 years and just started to train MMA! I began to spar with Simeon Thoresen to help him before his last match and after that I began to train with the guys at the club.

Who do you train with
Now I’m training white coach Eduardo Teta Rios and good fighters like Simon Thoresen, Jack Hermanson, Håkon Foss and my good friend Mohsen bahari! We are a great team! I’m lucky to be a part of the team.

What do you know about your opponent Dominic Dhillon? What is your prediction for your fight?
About Dominic! I know he is a grappler and he will try to take me down! But I will try to keep the fight standing up. It’s gonna be a good fight!

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