Finn Glenn Sparv (10-3) will be getting back into action this Saturday at Bangarang Xtreme Championships 3 in Thailand. The announcement came a bit out of the blue, but the AKA Thailand fighter took to Twitter to announce his brawl and confirmed the plans with this morning.

“Not really, but a thai guy 1-1 mma record, 300+ muay thai fights” says Sparv when describing his opponent that neither his management or Sparv know the actual name of the fighter that the Finn will be fighting. “Don´t really care about who I´m fighting, I just wanna get this fight year started.”

The welterweight says the fight will be an “open weight” bout. The card is mixed with Muay Thai, MMA, and boxing bouts.

“Yes pro mma, in a ring, pride rules, so it should be fun.” – Sparv

Although Spav admits to regularly hitting the beach upon his return to Thailand, he won’t be huge for the no weight limit bout. “I’m not that big at the moment, already lost all the Christmas gains.”

Sparv is riding a three fight winning streak. In his last bout, he defended the title versus Johan Vanttinen at Cage 28.