Paul Reed Versus Martin Svensson for The Zone FC Title

Paul Reed will be making a trip back to Sweden, this time for the Featherweight title against Swedish featherweight Martin Svensson.  The always entertaining 39 year old will be looking for a few more notches in his belt before he hangs up his gloves.

The Zone FC

Prior to the matchup, Reed told MMA Viking that “I LOVE fighting in Sweden and want to beat every featherweight Sweden has.” He will have his chance this Saturday, as he prepares for “a very tough fight”.

“He’s really a technical guy, but I am as well. I’m sure he will be ready for a hard fight.” Paul Reed.

As for a prediction, the UK fighter says “…depends where it ends up. I think we could be well matched”.

Below is a Press Release from The Zone FC about the fight.

The tough and highly experienced Paul Reed from Olympians MMA, UK, won against one of Sweden’s featherweight prospects Hamid Corassani at The Zone FC – Inferno which made him jump up in the ranks of European featherweights. He is currently the highest ranked UK fighter in that weight division. He showed tremendous heart and determination in the fight and he came back in big fashion after being dropped twice in the first round. Many thought the fight soon would be over but Reed managed to defend himself well enough to make it through the first round. In the second round Reed changed tactics, geared up and started throwing bombs as he landed several hard jabs and took the upper hand in the fight. Reed dropped Corassani to the canvas in an exchange of punches and followed up with great ground control and hard punches from mount. The referee did his job and stopped the fight in the 2nd round which gave Reed the TKO victory against the Swedish top fighter Corassani. Reed’s skills and toughness in this fight earned him a shot for the title at The Zone FC – Unbreakable the 7th of May.

Highlight Video of Paul Reed

Reed will now face the highly talented and extremely tall Swedish featherweight Martin Svensson from Frontier MMA for the title. Svensson proved himself in his last appearance at The Zone FC – Warriors against the Brazilian black belt Mauro Salomao, a clear victory on decision after three rounds of devastating stand up fighting. He used his reach advantage to his favour and he could pretty much do whatever he wanted to his opponent with accurate punches, kicks and knees.

Mauro Salomao, Båstad vs Martin Svensson, Frontier MMA at The Zone FC 7

Even though Svensson is young, he has once before been in a title fight at The Zone FC. It was last year that he lost against the Brazilian black belt, Fernando Vieira on submission. Since then Vieira has left his team and unfortunately due to management issues he no longer can defend the title at The Zone FC. Svensson came back after the loss and won his last fight in big fashion and is the first in line to fight for the title. According to his trainer he has trained hard for his task ever since, he is well prepared to take on any fighter at feather weight.

When approached for the title fight at The Zone FC – Unbreakable Reed commented:

“Martin looks tricky. I’m going to have to train my socks off again.”

It will be a highly anticipated title fight between UK’s best featherweight Paul Reed and the tall, talented young gun Martin Svensson from Malmö. Reed will not be able to use his reach in this fight. He needs to come up with a different game plan to neutralize Svenssons stand up.