The Zone FC has announced that the Swedish promotion will return for “The Zone Fight Night” on October 16th. The last show that The Gothenburg based promotion put on on was The Zone FC 13 “Tough Luck” on April 26th in 2014 where Sirwan Kakai, Frantz Slioa, Per Franklin and Niclas Danielsson fought.

The Zone Fight Night Poster

The coming event is set to take place in Gothenburg at the venue Trädgårn, which is a new venue for the promotion. They have planned for 12 fights on the card, 7 pro and 5 amateur where Gothenburg’s finest will take on both Swedish and European opposition on a Friday night.

At earlier events by The Zone FC future Swedish UFC names such as Akira Corrasani, Magnus “Jycken” Cedenblad and of course the UFC light heavyweight title contender Alexander “The Mauler” Gustafsson have fought.

Stay tuned as MMAViking will update with names as soon as they are official!