Ilir Latifi (12-4) was stopped by Ryan Bader Saturday night in Hamburg. A viscous knee in the second sent the Sledgehammer flying to his back bringing a sudden end to the bout.

Ilir went takedowns early and often in the first round, but the American defended well. But it was a HUGE right hand that dropped the American to the canvass at the end of the frame that brought the fans to their feet. The crowd chanted LATIFI, LATIFI, LATIFI throughout the fight.

Bader tried to get the right to the ground, but it was Latifi that defended in the second. Bader landed a good right hand that forced the clinch, but after the break it all came to an end. A perfectly timed knee from Bader as Latifi ducked down, and it was all over.

For our live play-by-play of the bout, click here.