Dane Joachim Christensen (13-4) faces Serbian fighter Bojan Mihajlovic (10-4) at the Fight Night card. MMAViking.com will report live results and play-by-play below.

Round 1

Christiansen keeping his left hand up as Mihajlovic looking to drop a bomb with his right hand. The Serbian fighter misses the first one. The Dane has a good reach advantage, and the two tie-up briefly after a miss punched. A solid right hand counter from Joachim. Nice left kick to the body, and a Mihajlovic off balance thros a sloppy kick and the Arte Suave fighter is on top.

Half way through the first round and good elbows from the Dane that is wrapped in full guard. Mihajlovic holding on tight to try and get a stand-up. Christensen postures up and lands some good strikes. The referee stands the fighters up, and a desparate Mihajlovic throws a spinning kick which misses. Mihajlovic urges Christensen to throw more punches, and the Dane lands a good knee. And another knee as the bell ends.

Christensen wins round 1.

Round 2
Mihajlovic comes out looking to land a big left hand and whifs his first two. The two are tied-up against the cage one minute into the fight. A couple knees from the Serbian as the Dane has his back to the cage. After breaking apart briefly, the two tie-up again. Good work her from Joachim that is landing little body punches and seems to be wearing down the Serbian that has dropped to light heavyweight for the first time.

Half way through the first round and Mihajlovic takes an inside kick to the groin. Ouch. A break in the action to let Mihajlovic recover. The two touch gloves and start back up again.

You can feel the power of Mihajlovic as his tries to land a big punch on the Dane. He winds up his right hand, but Chritstensen ties up, but is countered with a nice uppercut from Mihajlovic. The Dane pressing the action and he lands a nice uppercut. Mihajlovic urges Joachim to throw punches. They are tied up again and along with some soft punches, Joachim jams in a nice knee to the body. As the round ends Joachim snaps down the head in a tie-up.

Close round, but slight edge for Christensen.

Round 3
Bojan tries to get some cheers from the crowd as the last frame starts. The two embrace. They clinch up against the cage, and Joachim lands a solid left knee flush to the face. Good start for the Dane. Mihajlovic lands a good kick as they are apart, then Joachim goes for a tie-up again. The break apart and a HUGE right hand from Joachim. Oh, it is a bomb and Mihajlovic is out slumping against the cage! Joachim wins… the Dane wins! Christensen jumps the cage and gives commentator Daniel Cormier a fist bump.

Christensen wins for the first time in the Octagon after losing his debut. Big win for the Dane!