Norway’s Celine Haga (10-14) for now will has a loss on her record as the judges ruled a unanimous decision in favor of Amy Montenegro (8-2) at Invicta FC 21. However, it seems that there should be an argument for a win as Haga choked out Montenegro leaving her unconscious at the bell.

While inside the cage, the referee decided that the fight should go to the judges, Pride and UFC veteran Josh Barnett clarifies the rules here with a couple of Tweets. The heavyweight and long time supporter of womans MMA says “Missouri judges screwed up. Haga has her out before the bell.”

Barnett continues “If the fighters can’t get to their corner under their own power then the fight should be over. Haga put her out. Haga won.”

Bizarre fight as Haga also tapped a second after the bell in the first round.