Dane Joachim Christensen got news last Sunday that his uncle’s wife died a day before he left to his UFC bout in Phoenix. “I want to say thank you to my uncle.” says the Dane in the post-fight scrum shortly after crushing Serbian fighter Bojan Mihajlovic with a big right hand.

“I could not be there for him and I cannot make the funeral Tuesday, and I had that on my mind the whole time. I love you uncle.” stated a heart-felt Christensen.

“I am so happy to get the KO” says the light heavyweight, that was glad with the result that he also almost got in his first UFC bout where he nearly had a finish in Portland.

Christensen gets his first UFC win and the 38 year old doesn’t want to wast any time.  “I want to get back in as soon as possible.”

Check out the full post-fight scrum here.


(Embedded video from Sherdog.com)