Finland’s Katja “Killer Bunny” Kankaanpää made weight last night for her fight at the Invicta 5. The Finn looked slim and on a good mood when she weighted in at Aladdin Holiday Inn Resort in Kansas City, USA. Kankaanpää tipped the scale at 115.3 pounds and her opponent Brazilian Juliana Carnerio Lima followed by weighting 115.4 lbs. Both fighters looked to be in great shape and ready to fight.

Kankaanpää goes into the fight as undefeated with a record on 7-0-1. Lima hasn’t lost yet either and carries a record of 5-0 to the cage on Friday.

Invicta 5 Weigh-in Video. Kankaanpää weighs in at 2:20.

Check out the photos by our friends at the who also interviewed the Finn in Kansas City.

Killer Bunny looked happy at last night’s weight-ins
Brazilian Lima hasn’t lost a fight yet
Kankaanpää and Lima face off
Kankaanpää’s photo for Invicta FC was shot by the esteemed photographer Esther Lin