Two Nordic fighters battled for gold in the finals at today’s IMMAF World Championships in Bahrain. After three rounds of back and forth action, it was Sweden’s Khaled Laallam that got the nod from the judges over Iceland’s Bjorn Lukas Haraldsson.

Live Results

The Swede with an immediate, but Haraldsson locked in an armbar threatening for another quick finish –. It is tight! Laallam fighting to survive and keeping his gold medal hopes alive, and he finds a way out. But now the Icelandic middleweight gets on top takes back, and now locks in another armbar. Laallam defends by stacking the Icelandic fighter. The Swede rains down punches at the end, but a near reverse triangle at the end. What a battle. Great round for Lukas.

Round 2 – Laallam wants no part of a take-down early and throws big looping punches. The Mjolnir fighter goes for punches of his own, but now in the tie-up with the dangerous Haraldsson on his back. Another tight armbar, but now Laallam quicker to defend and passes to side mount. Haraldsson is crafty off his back, and escapes with a Kimura.

Round 3 – Both fighters know it is all on the line here. Both grappling for position. Laallam gets on top and landing some solid punches, but the spider Haraldsson ties up the Swede. Half way through the round and Laallam postures up to land punches. Now a closed guard for, and both fighters taking deep breaths for a final rally. Solid right from the Swede and another… and another for a strong finish.

Respect from both fighters as they await a decision. It is unanimous for the Swede Khaled Laallam who won three fights over the last week to earn gold. Haraldsson earned four wins to get to the finals, all with first round stoppages.