Trophy MMA will put on their “Påsksmällen” card today, their 6th event. Again the promotion will hold the event the Amiralen in Malmö, Sweden. will be reporting live from cageside with play-by-play below and taking pictures, which will be posted shortly after the event.

Trophy MMA 6 at the Amiralen


There are three pro events, which will be described in detail, with results of the amatuer / shootfighting bouts below.

Amateur / Shootfighting Bouts

Jesper Bendroth vs. Mohamad Habal
Round 1: Action starts right away when the two fighters meet each other in the middle, Mohamad landing a few good shots, both guys are jumping into the pocket and trades punches wildly. Half way in round 1 and Mohamad have landed the better shots, and loosening up more and more. Mohamad finds his range and looks more and more comfortable while Jesper gets bloodied up, winding up on his punches and kicks. Mohamad gets Jesper up against the cage, and unloads until the referee is forced to break it up.
Results: Mohamad Habal wins via TKO.

Ali Taleb vs. Nick Håkonsson
Round 1: Nick goes straight after Ali, prowling him down, looking for the knockout punch straight away! Ali however is circling well and looks for quick punches, but gets tagged by Nick. He is stil alright and continues to circle and punches very well, sets up his combinations with a great takedown. A quick scramble and Ali looks for the guillotine, and after adjusting it slightly he gets the tap! Great job from Ali Taleb.
Results: Ali Taleb wins via Guillotine choke.

Ali Yasbech vs. Khaled El-Eina
Round 1: Both fighters swings for the fences! And Khaled connects first and drops Ali, face down! Referee steps in and stops Khaled from punching any further.
Results: Khaled El-Eina wins by TKO.

Ali Faraj vs. Emil Timlin
Round 1: Right away they start trading good combinations, nobody backing up, Emil feints and goes low, secures a takedown. Advances into full mount and will look to get something done here. Ali very flexible though and able to scramble out of it. Emil stays on top however. End of round.
Results: Emil Timlin wins via Unanimous Decision.

Daniel Hurtig vs. Mikkel Kasper
Round 1: Mikkel straight away lands a hard legkick that sends Daniel to the canvas! Daniel tries to scramble up again but gets viciously slammed by Mikkel, who lands comfortably on top. Now however he is able to scramble on to his feet, and they are both trading punches and combinations. This time its Daniel who pushes Mikkel against the cage, momentarily gets a takedown but they are quickly up on their feet again. End of round.

Round 2: Daniel tries to pressure Mikkel but it backfires and the Dane gets Daniel against the cage, working to advance position. Mikkel with a nice judo toss, but Daniel gets right back up. Mikkel is starting to tire, and Daniel amps it up by throwing hard haymakers, some of the lands clean! Mikkel drops low again and slams Daniel a second time this fight. End of round.
Results: Mikkel Kasper wins via Unanimous Decision.

Eddie Olsson vs. Daniel Bergström
Round 1: This seems to be the trend tonight but both of the fighters starts swinging hard the second after they touch gloves! Nobody able to land anything decent though, Daniel pressures Eddie up against the cage and will look to take it to the ground. Eventually he will get the takedown and very calmly landing good shots while Eddie scrambles for dear life. Daniel now really pouncing away! Eddie screams to the referee to stop it, and points to his knee.
Results: Daniel Bergström wins via Referee stoppage.

Pro MMA Bouts

David Teymur vs. Robin Tuomi
Round 1: Robin feinting a lot, trying to force a reaction but David stays calm and collected. Robin launches a great high kick but is blocked by David. Robin fakes a takedown and goes over the top with a left hook instead but David recognizes and gets out of harms way. David pressures Robin against the cage and unleashes a serious combination! David beautifully trips Robin, and now in a great position. Hammers down on Robin and forces the referee to intervene! David Teymurs striking is for real.

Results: David Teymur wins via TKO.

Shamal Tashkilot vs. Emil Hartsner
Round 1: Shamal looking to put on the pressure tonight, but Emil will have none of it, and reverses Shamal, putting him against the cage. Landing good knees is Emil, and drops down low to get the takedown, which he will! Good scramble, Emil momentarily looks for the arm triangle but advances into full mount instead. Shamal however is no slouch on the ground, and scrambles very well. Again Emil looks for the arm triangle, this time he looks it on! Shamal gets out of it though. Emil gets the back, sinks in the rear naked choke, and Shamal is forced to tap!

Results: Emil Hartsner wins via Rear naked choke.

Niclas Danielsson vs. Aslan Bibaultov
Round 1: Niclas rushes forward with heavy punches, Aslan wisely ducks and gets out of the way. Niclas continues with the pressure however and forces Aslan to trade with him. Niclas now with Aslan against the cage, ends up seperating and back to the middle. Niclas again with heavy hooks! Nothings lands but it only takes one. Niclas really doing a great job with the pressure tonight, drops Aslan down on one knee and quickly secures a hook, punishes the body with punches. Finally gets both hooks in, and Aslan looks like he is in trouble! Niclas looking for the rear naked, but cant finish it. Decides to reign down punches instead, which he does very well. End of round.

Round 2: Daniel with a legkick and Aslan counters with a straight that lands! Aslan with a spinning hook kick! Blocked by Daniel, brought a smile to both fighters. Daniel a little more hesitant this round, and again Aslan lands a clean shot. Tries another spinning hook kick but it is telegraphed. In a wild exchange it looked like Aslan got poked in the eye, and the referee breaks it up. Doctor enters the cage to take a look at Aslan. The fight continues. The two fighters continues right where they left off, Daniel throwing hard hooks to the body of Aslan, and if he didnt feel it the crowd sure did. Daniel brings it on! Five straight body kicks from Daniel which hurts Aslan! End of round.

Round 3: Aslan with visible marks on his body from that barrage in the last round. Daniel is still aiming for the same place, and Aslan is forced to move around. Niclas still looks fresh. Aslan over the top with a hard hook, but Niclas goes through it unfazed. Aslan is just backing away at this point, trying to avoide further punishment. Niclas is on the hunt, prowling down Aslan with hooks and bodykicks. Niclas again lands a great headkick, but Aslan refuses to go down! Niclas ducks under and ragdolls Aslan, to the crowds excitement. With 10 seconds left Niclas goes for a modified guillotine! Cant get it before the bell though. End of round.

Results: Niclas Danielsson wins via Unanimous Decision.


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