Denmark’s biggest MMA star Martin “Hitman” Kampmann recently joined Submission Radio‘s podcast and talked about wide variety of issues. The Dane, who has fought in the UFC since 2006, is not returning to the Octagon anytime soon but isn’t ready to call it quits either. In this podcast Kampmann talks about traveling in Europe, everyday stuff with kids and his current job coaching the talented pack of fighters at Team Alpha Male in Sacramento, California.

Kampmann Standing Tall at a Session at Alpha Male

On how Martin approaches sparring after having to spar big guys like Vitor Belfort and Forrest Griffin and seeing KO’s in training:
“People still spar pretty hard here at Alpha Male, I’d say that, but they only spar once a week. I think that’s a good thing don’t be going back at (Xtreme) Couture’s we used to spar twice a week. I think that’s too much. Here it’s once a week sparring. I mean this past sparring I actually added and made it that everybody goes small glove sparring and then try and keep it more technical and less; when people have the big gloves on, sometimes people try and swing for the fences and stuff like that. So I think it’s mixing it up. I don’t think you have to do (lots of hard sparring). I think minimizing hard sparring is definitely a smart way to go if you want to have longevity in your career.”

On the dynamic of working with Duane Ludwig when coaching guys like TJ Dillashaw and Chad Mendes:
“I actually haven’t seen him at all since I’ve came out here, but obviously Chad was already in the middle of his training camp. So I think he’s already set up for that and I’m not really sure what the plan is going forward, but obviously TJ (Dillashaw) has really enjoyed working with Bang and Bang’s done a great job helping them improve on the striking and stuff like that, but I’m just gonna do my best coaching and so far I’ve had really positive feedback and you know, how that’s going to work out, I don’t really know to be honest with you.”

On moving his family to Sacramento:
“We like it, you know. It’s still pretty new. We moved out here and just within the last couple of weeks we’ve gotten all of our stuff out here and been taking a big truck from Vegas. So still pretty new but we like it. We’re still getting to know the city, getting to know the gym and all that stuff, but so far I really enjoy it.”

What he’s working with the Team Alpha Male guys on:
“I have a lot of stuff. It’s mostly small stuff. Obviously they have a tone of great guys, but I think it’s the little guys, it’s the little things. Everybody still makes mistakes, so picking up those mistakes and correcting those and taking all those weaknesses out of your game is a big part you know. ‘Cause every time you have a little weakness that’s a possibility for your opponent to exploit that. So I’m trying my best to be the coach that I would have always wanted to have for myself and that’s my whole way of looking at it. And I’m really focused on MMA as a whole, not just one part of the game.”

On retirement from MMA:
“You know never say never, but I can’t see myself fighting anytime soon. That’s for sure.”

On who Kampmann would want to fight in his comeback fight:
“Man I don’t even know. I haven’t thought about it. Somebody maybe in a weight class below me missing and arm or a leg like an easy (guy). Like a complete walk over. That’d be be awesome. Just collect the pay day and get used to, you know walking out again and all that stuff. That’s the awesome bit, they always give me tough ass fights. I’ve never had any easy fights in the UFC. It’s you know all top 10 guys or title contender guys. I’ve had a bunch of tough fights, it’d be nice to get an easy walk over for once right?”

Quotes by Submission Radio (twitter @SubmissionAus)