Matti Mäkelä has been suspended from competition for three months based on two infringements in the Swedish MMA Federation rules. The Swede had both an insulting gesture and profane language following his victory celebration at Superior Challenge 9 over Matteo Minonzio.

Mäkelä Shortly After TKO Over Minonzio

Announcement Sent by SMMAF

Swedish MMA Federation has decided to suspend the athlete Matti Mäkelä from competitions for three months from 2013-11-23 for offenses against § § 21:13 and 21:14 in the regulations Swedish professional MMA. Offenses occurred in the match between Matti Mäkelä and Matteo Minonzio at a match at Superior Challenge 9 in Gothenburg on 2013-11-23.

§ 21:13 Using profanity or offensive language.
§ 21:14 Making insulting gestures.


Mäkelä has since appealed the decision. “It was just a reflex that came up with all the adrenaline in your body right after the game and all the frustration that one interference can feel when you want to perform. I also asked to apologize to Matteo directly after the game and we have no bad blood between us.”

Mäkelä also questioned the procedure from SMMAF, in which he was not notified before the news became public. President of SMMAF George Sallfeldt has responded to Mäkelä regarding the procedure, as the suspension notification did not reach Mäkelä first as was the intent.