Dane Nick Barnø (3-1) finally has an opponent for his return to the cage at MMA GALLA in Odense on March 4th. The #3 ranked Nordic heavyweight will be taking on Englishman Jordan McKie (1-1). “I can’t wait to the cage door closes and it’s just me and Jordan in the cage” says the ArteSuave.dk fighter to mmaViking.com after the promotion announced the opponent.

Nick Barnö (Black) vs Jakub Holub (white)10

“It’s good to have my first fight on home soil and at a venue like MMA GALLA this is going to be an awesome event.” says the bearded viking about the MMA GALLA 2 event.

This past March was a quick KO loss to Yosef Ali Mohammad, so it will be nearly a year without a fight. “I have learned a lot after my latest fight and with good solid year of training and becoming a better fighter I’m just happy that I can get back in there and continue on my path.”


“I think its a good comeback fight for me, Jordan is also coming in with a layoff.”  McKie was last in action in 2012, where he was TKO’d in just 32 seconds.  “I’m not that focused about what he’s bringing to the cage.”