Niko Myllynen (6-6) fought at GIT Crimea 2017 tonight against Dmitry Berezin (5-6). The Finn had a slow start, but rallied in the third round to nearly stop the Russian late in fight. In the end it was a split decision loss.

Live Play-by-Play
Round 1 – Myllynen is the first one to walk in the cage. Both fighters are in traditional stance, and have similar tall and lanky builds.

Unlike many of the other fights so far on the card, this one starts out slow with fighters measuring up each other. Niko using a front kick to try to setup a bigger punch. Nice overhand right lands for Niko and Berezin immediately shoots for a take-down. The Russian finds a way to unload on some right hands as he works for a takedown while Niko defends with a whizzer. Up against the cage now, and Myllynen absorbing some knees to the thighs.

The Russian now gets on top and pushed the Finn to the cage, looking for a guillotine. Both fighters controlling their breathing and staying composed. Short left hands from the Russian that land. Round one for Dmitry.

Aleksi “Leksa” Nurminen is in the corner of Niko and rubbing his shoulders to get him ready to head back out for the second round.

Round 2 – Both fighters hesitant here, looking to counterpunch. An front upkick from Niko and he is moving nicely on his feet. Niko cannot overextend or he risks a take-down. Hence, a real slow round so far. Light jabs from Myllynen and some low kicks… but no damage. Myllynen with a one two punch, and Berezin is on on the legs as the second punch lands. The Russian is on top and lands a few punches as the round ends to secure the round.

Round 3 – Niko working the jabs again, but he realizes this will not be enough to win. Nice left headkick lands, and we are seeing a more aggressive Niko here. Pace is picking up, and Niko defends a take-down. Good round so far from the Finn that lands two kicks to the calf. But, Niko steps back.

A flying knee attempt, and Dmitry in for a take-down but it is defended. Now Niko gets the take-down! He presses down on the russian, holding a wrist. Good left hands, and there is some concern from the Russian’s corner. More left hands, and more left hands.

Now a choke attempt,and Niko tries to get back but falls off. Searching for a choke till the end, nearly gets it! The fight is over. Great round for Niko, but probably not enough.