Yesterday, we learned that another protest was filed with the Swedish MMA Federation (SMMAF). This is the third protest in two weeks –2 filed after Superior Challenge 7, and this filed after The Zone FC 9. The latest was submitted by Paul Reed and his camp following his split-decision loss to Sweden’s Martin Svensson at Saturday’s “Unbreakable” event in Gothenburg.  SMMAF will decide on this protest on May 29th.

Svensson Reed
The two featherweight fighters square-up for the title in a very competitive bout

In an attempt to set the record straight about the reasoning behind the Olympians MMA fighter’s protest, below are statements directly from Paul Reed :

Paul Reed Statements :

“I thought the fight was very very close, I thought I lost the 1st on the knockdown but I thought I had won the 2nd and 3rd. I thought i had just done enough to nick it. But I thought it was too close to call and I wouldn’t protest at all because I thought it was going to go one way or the other.  But I didn’t see the fight so I can’t judge it. My corner said I won it very clearly the insisted in the protest. I really couldn’t have a proper opinion of it until I see a tape, but I will have faith in my corner.”

“I wouldn’t want to come across as a bad looser, but my corner were adamant and they are there to protect me.”

Paul Reed Files Protest After Title Fight Loss
Paul Reed Reacts to the Split Decision

“A lot of the fighters and coaches at the show told me the same thing and a lot of the crowd. I know people say things to you you want to hear but the coaches? So my corner insisted they appeal.  I’m there to fight, they look after everything else.”

“I do know its very hard to win a decision in the other guys back yard, but I think the guys at the Zone are great guys and the show is very very professional. The Swedish fans are brilliantly fair and I had as many supporting me as Martin did.”

“I want to say a massive thanks to the Zone, and all the Zone fans who were great, I hope I can come back again and fight Martin, If I get another chance I promise the fight will be put out of all doubt and I will finish Martin in spectacular style or I will get knocked out trying.”