Per Eklund (15-5-1) was the first Swede to ever compete in the UFC back at UFC 80 in 2008.  In late 2012, the fighter was preparing for a comeback, but broke his neck in training that set the Swede on a downward spiral that he is only now trying to recover from.  After his first post about the injury and training again, Eklund is back for his second update and things are looking up.

Eklund Feeling Better Each Day (Picture by Eklund with the Dog they Call Porntstar =)

One of the reasons I am sharing what i do, is because i am my own trainer. One thing a trainer does is to push you through hard times in your career, make you train the day or days you don’t want to train. A trainer also holds you to a plan for your training so you can reach your goals. So i am responsible for everything i do and think that i will have to do is to push myself really hard and motivate myself.

Motivation is important, without motivation you will get NOWHERE in life or what ever you decide to do. And when you do a lot of things and it does not matter what you do… sometimes you will fail and there is nothing worse than to fail or lose, i just fucking hate it!!!! But when you do lose or fail you can learn from it, especially If you have insights about yourself realisation.

And one thing that is great with becoming older is that hopefully you have learned from the past and the mistakes you have done.

Before, i always over trained myself.  I did not rest enough because i saw that as weakness! So this time i will focus on quality and not quantity. Before i had an internal war between my mind and my body and my body was slave to my mind. Many trainers and coaches that i have meet during my career are complete psychopaths. A majority of them are only experts in seeing and analysing other’s mistakes. And doing that is important too but when they don’t have experience of doing what they preach they will do more harm than good in the end!

Their limitation can easily become yours. When that happens you got to leave them behind and move on. They can also push you too hard because they don’t know themselves because they have never done anything themself. And to evolve as a fighter you constantly need to learn. You can never become to good to learn, the fay that happens you will reach stagnation and the end of your career. I can’t say that i ever had a trainer, but i have had a lot of good teachers. Some i only trained with a few times but what they thought me i will carry with me forever.

This is my third week of training and it’s going forward and I have to say that it’s going good even though i feel like shit. But thats ok because i have done very little training the last 5 years and I have just been out in freedom for 2 months, and before those 2 months I was locked up in solitary confinement for 8 months with very little food of the lowest quality. The first 2 months i trained as much as I could but without enough food and nutrition its hard you just wear yourself down and I did that i went down to 135lbs. And then i fainted because of lack food when i was stretching, and I was lucky i did not hit my head against the concrete floor, my arm and ribs took the impact against the iron bed. After that i almost stopped to move completely. So i started to meditate, and continued to only do that and to stretch.

I was totally inactive for 6 months. Sometimes I did 5 minutes of shadow boxing. So feeling like shit during practices now is nothing but normal. The good thing is that every week i feel better.

Now i can feel that my body is coming back to life again. My muscles are starting to respond and that feels really great!

Eklund will be providing updates as he gets back into shape and trains for combat. The next update will be from Legacy Gym in Boracay, Philippines. “I’d like to thank Ole Laursen and ground skillz.” Stay tuned for more each week!