The largest Estonian MMA event Raju took place at the Saku Suurhall in Tallinn, the largest sports venue in Estonia this past Saturday. Below are results from the professional MMA bouts.

Raju XI is Quickly Growing Event in Estonia
Raju XI is Quickly Growing Event in Estonia


Ilja Drovnjashin (EST, 1-2) vs Åke Bergvall (SWE, 4-6): -77,1kg weightclass.
Drovnjashin winner by armbar in round 2.

Helin Paara (EST, 1-2) vs Zarah Fairn (FRA, 4-2):  70,3kg weightclass.
Fairn winner by TKO. Corner stopped the bout.

Lauri Ülenurm (EST, 3-4) vs Walid Seghir (FRA, 3-1):  -65,8kg weightclass.
Seghir winner in first round.

Henri Hiiemäe (EST, 3-1) vs Pascal Louissaint (3-1):  -65,8 weightclass.
Hiiemäe wins by first round KO

Aleksandr Fjodorov (EST, 3-1) vs Andre de Jesus (BRA, 3-4-0-1):  77,1kg weightclass.
Fjodorov wins by first round KO.

Dmitri Ivanov (EST, 4-5) vs Leonardo D’Auria (ITA, 7-2):  77,1kg weightclass. Co-main event of the evening.
D’Auria wins by DQ. Knee to the head.

Jorgen Matsi (EST, 5-1) vs Giorgio Belsanti (ITA, 5-2-1):  -65,8kg weightclass. Main event of the evening.
Matsi by unanimous decision

There was also a Greco-roman exhibition match between Estonian wrestlers Eerik Aps and Alo Toom held in support of wrestling due to its recent exclusion from the Olympics. Estonians Aps is a four-time Estonian champion in greco-roman wrestling and reached 3rd place in wrestling at the 2010 Universiade. Toom is a seven-time Estonian champion in greco-roman wrestling and was the best greco-roman wrestler in Estonia in 2009.