Fight Night Finland put on Karkkila Fight Night “Charity” card tonight.  The event will be a mixed card with both professional and amateur MMA bouts.

Rashad Muradov and Rafael Domingos
Rashad Muradov and Rafael Domingos

The card will highlight two undefeated fighters. First is Rafael “Rafi” Domingos (3-0) who was last victorious in October at Lohja Fight Night “Take a Round if You Dare” event on 12th of October when he was victorious over Russian Rasul Khataev.  He will face another Russian in Rashad Muradov (5-2-0) tonight.  Fight_PosterNext is GB Gym’s Mika Hämäläinen (4-0), who is on a roll.  With three wins in 2013 at Cage 21, Cage 22, and Cage 23 all with submissions, Hämäläinen will be facing Vladimir Karasiov (7-5-0).  He last took out Swede Simon Skold with a heel hook in round 1.  In his pro career, he has stopped all of his opponents in less than 4 minutes.


Pro A Rules:
Rafael Domingos ( 3-0-0 ) Team Demian Maya vs Rashad Muradov (5-2-0) (65.8 kg)
Domingos wins by unanimous decision

Mika Hämäläinen ( 4-0-0 ) GB Gym / Team MMA Finland vs Vladimir Karasiov (7-5-0), Russia (61.2 kg)
Hämäläinen wins by submission in round 1.

Kai Karar ( 2-2-0 ) MMA Team 300 vs Viktor Tomasevic (6-7-1), Lithuania (70.3 kg)
Tomasevic wins by submission in round 2.

Olli Tuomi ( 0-1-0 ) GB GYM / Team MMA Finland vs Jyri Mikkilä Sports Academy (70.3 kg)
Mikkilä wins by submission in round 1

IMMAF rules
Aleksi Nurminen, RNC vs. Patrik Kapanen, GB Gym (77.1 kg)
Nurminen wins by round 1 KO.

Kennet Mattson (6-2-0) vs Janne Sinersaari , MMA Lappeenranta (77.1 kg)
Mattson wins by unanimous decision

Tuomas Simola GB Gym vs Jani Koskinen (83.9 kg)
Simola wins by submission round 1.

Riku Westman Hipko vs Atte Alakortesniemi (83.9 kg)
Alakortesniemi wins by submission round 1.

Lassi Isometsä , FFG vs. Juho Laitinen , Gladiator Factory (83.9 kg)
Laitinen wins.

Joonas Kunnari, GB Gym vs. Toni Hyytinen, TJJK (77.1 kg)
Kunnari wins by round 1 submisssion.

Felix Viitanen vs. Jere Tuulkari
Viitanen wins in round 1.

Benjamin Virolainen , MMA Karkkila vs. Jani Virtanen , Zanshinkan (93 kg)
Virtanen winner round 1.

For play=by-play of the card in Finnish, check out content partner article here.