Viktor Pesta, who trained in Stockholm at Allstars Training Center for tonight’s bout with Alexander Gustafsson and Ilir Latifi, took center stage in the first bout of the evening at UFC Fight Night Berlin.  See live play-by-play of the Czech Republic fighter as he takes on fellow heavyweight Ruslan Magomedov.

Pesta Sparing with The Mauler
Pesta Sparing with The Mauler

Round 1

Pesta taking the middle early. Russlan throwing crescent kicks though but Pesta connects with a big right. Viktor lunges forwards but gets dropped and almost kicked while down, he manages to scramble to clinch and regains his composure.

Ruslan connects and Pesta is in trouble looking for the takedown and desperately seeks the clinch. He get he the thai plum and lands a huge knee that sends the russian to the canvas, Pesta follows up with big punches but is not able to put Magomedov out.

Pesta finishes the round on top with very solid ground and pound and steals the round

Viking scores it 10-9 for Pesta

Round 2

Pesta throws winging shots but is not accurate while Ruslan is able to get some goo kicks of. And a Anderson Silva head kick lands flush on Pestas face! Ruslan definitely has a higher accuracy in the striking and holds the advantage standing up but Pesta lands a big double that puts the russian fighter on the ground against the cage. and a big knee from Pesta lands a Magomedov stands up.

Pesta needs to keep his guard up, Ruslans strikes are just barely missing. Both fighters slowing down as the second round is coming to an end and Ruslan is getting the better of the exchanges. Pesta really needs to keep his hands up! Magomedov finishes with a strong combo that wobbles Viktor.

Viking scores it 10-9 Magomedov

Round 3

Wild headkicks thrown from Magomedov, none landing at the moment. Pesta gets hit coming in and almost gets the takedown. the Allstars fighter is hesitant waiting for his opportunity to take the fight to the ground, he shoots for the sinlge but is unable to finish it and nearly its an uppercut of death baking away from the Russian fighter. Magomedov is keeping his distance working distance techniques and long kicks. Pesta struggles to close the distance. Wild punches from both fighter, no one has landed big yet but it could happen any minute. the round comes to an end and Ruslan seems dissapointed he didn’t get to show more of his skills.

Viking scores it 10-9 for Magomedov

The official decision is all judges have it 29-28 for Ruslan Magomedov.