Scotland’s Robert Whiteford is in Sweden for a ‘vacation’ after his recent Vision FC 4 victory over Martin Svensson. “The guys are cool” says Whiteford about his workouts that he is enjoying at STHLM Shoot during his stay with such fighters Bruno Carvalho, Alexander Gustafsson, and Jonatan Westin.

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Whiteford Talks About Visit to Sweden and Win over Svensson

“If the referee hadn’t stopped it then, I’d still be punching him now” says Whiteford about the 43 second stoppage over Swede Martin Svensson on September 6th, which some described as a controversial stoppage. “I think it was a fair stoppage” says the Scot who now holds a 9 win and 1 loss record, without a loss since November 2009. “There are a lot of things going on with me with the bigger promotions” continues Whiteford about what is next.

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Watch the video to learn more about his visit to Stockholm and his recent bout, as MMA Viking talks to Whiteford from a woman’s grappling class at Pancrase gym.