Sweden’s own Superior Challenge is putting on one of the deepest cards on Europe’s soil.  MMA Viking will be providing breakdowns and insights into “Rise of Champions”, an amazing card with three title fights and top fighters from around the world colliding April 30 in Stockholm.

Superior Challenge 7

Fight Card (Updated April 22)

Middleweight Title Bout
Thales Leites, BRAZIL vs. Jeremy “Gumby” Horn, USA (-84 KG)

Lightweight Title Bout
Reza “Mad Dog” Madadi, SWEDEN vs.  Rich “No Love” Clementi, USA (-70 KG)

Welterweight Title Bout
Diego Gonzalez, SWEDEN vs. Daniel “The Viking Hunter” Acacio, BRAZIL (-77 KG)
Note: Acacio is current Superior Challenge Welterweight Champion

Main Event
Matti Mäkelä, SWEDEN vs. Hector “Sick Dog” Ramirez, USA (-93 KG)
Assan “The Black Attack” Njie, SWEDEN vs. Beslan Isaev, RUSSIA (-84 KG)
Tor “The Hammer” Troéng, SWEDEN vs. Robert Jocz, POLAND (-84 KG)
Bruno Carvalho, SWEDEN vs. Kyacey “Ice Cold” Uscola, USA (-84 KG)
Farshad Farsiani, SWEDEN vs. Mohsen Bahari, NORWAY (-77 KG)
Sirwan Kakai, SWEDEN vs. James “Thaison” Doolan, SCOTLAND (-62 KG)
Lina Eklund, SWEDEN vs. Kristina Talvosaite LITHUANIA (-60 KG)

Andreas Ståhl, SWEDEN vs. Johan Vänttinen, FINLAND (-77 KG)