The Swedish Martial Arts award took place this last weekend.  The event, sponsored by and Orcbite this year, highlights the accomplishments of Swedish martial arts across all disciplines.  Photos from


Reza Madadi, Elina Nilsson Stig Forsberg, Li Min Hua Tersaeus, Alexander Gustafsson, Jesper Gunnarsson, Mats Nilsson, and August Wallén (pictured from left to right) were winners at the event held in Stockholm.

Reza Madadi

Reza Madadi was voted the winner of the people’s gold award.

Gustafsson Award

Alexander Gustafsson won the award for martial artist of the year.


Mats Nilsson won breakthrough fighter fo the year.


List of Winners:

Reza Madadi – People’s Gold Award
Elina Nilsson – Female Champion of the Year and Model Practitioner of the Year
Stig Forsberg – SB & K’s Honorary Prize
Li Min Hua Tersaeus – Traditional Practitioner of the Year
Mr Gustafsson – Martial Artist of the Year
Gladius MMA – Club of the Year
Mats Nilsson – Male Champion of the Year and Breakthrough of the Year
August Wallen – Leader of the Year