The last nordic event of the year was set to take place on December the 27th in Malmö, Sweden at the arena Amiralen. The card itself wasn’t packed with any big or famous names, but the combination of an almost full house, a professional arrangement, and passionate fighters made it an event that I won’t forget in the near future.

A Night to Remember in Malmö
A Night to Remember in Malmö

Amateur Shootofighting

The first three bouts was amateur-shootofighting, where the bout is only one 5 minute round and most of the fighters made their debut this evening, even so all three of these bouts ended with submissions much to the crowds joy.

In the first bout Swede Ali Yazbeck won by a Rear Naked Choke at 4:20 over his opponent the dane Nick Håkonsson.

The second and most emotional of these shootofights between the two Malmö fighters, Pascal Mazza Ramsby and Mirza Nezirevic. Both fighters had a loud and good support from the crowd as they made their way into the cage and during the fight as well the crowd chanted either Mirza or Pascal, but it was Ramsby who won the fight with a hard arm-bar forcing Nezirevic to tap out at 4:55.

The final of the shooto-bouts ended at 2:18 after that Ali Albumahdi locked in a good rear naked choke on Mohamad Habal forcing Habal to tap out before passing out.

Amateur MMA

After at short break it was time for the next three bouts that was going to be in amateur-MMA and these bouts are 2×5 minute rounds.

The first bout was the only bout of the evening where none of the fighters was from the city of Malmö but that didn’t matter for the crowd who still welcomed them both by applauding and cheering.  This bout ended with the 2014 Swedish champion in amteur-MMA, Rostem Akman submitting Daniel Gorgioski with a nice Americana at 3:52 in the first round giving him his 5th straight win.

The next bout in amateur-MMA was between the swede Nebosja Grbic representing Rumble Sports Copenhagen and Nils Påhlman from Malmö Muay Thai.  It was the first fight that would last the full time and it was a lot of punches, nice combos and knees going both ways but with Påhlman as the winner by a unanimous 3-0 decision.

The last of these amateur-MMA bouts was also one of the fights I personally looked forward to the most, it was the fight between the Swedish and nordic champion in greco-roman wrestling Mathias Günther and Dane Joakim Jankovic with a purple belt in brazilian jiu-justsu. The fight it self lasted a full 2 rounds and was mostly standing with Jankovic in control using his boxing skills and Günther defending himself, but in the second round Günther got a good takedown and managed to lock in a rear naked choke but is unable to finish it. It’s now that Jankovic turns it around and takes Günters back landing a lot of nice strikes before the time runs out and the judges scores a fair 3-0 win for the dane Joakim Jankovic.

Professional MMA

The Pro-MMA portion was cut down to only three bouts due to that the Spanish fighter Stwar Serrano Lopez couldn’t get a traveling clearance for Europe leaving Mathias Lodahl without an opponent for the evening.

The first bout of the Pro-MMA is a fight with Swedish Top Team’s Robin Tuomi and Renyi’s Fernando Flores both making their pro debuts. The bout goes a full 3 rounds with a lot of strikes from Tuomi and nice slams from Flores and the judges score a unanimous 3-0 win for STT’s Robin Tuomi, after the fight Tuomi says was very happy with the outcome and that his gameplan that was to stay away from Flores wrestling worked out and gave him a win in his pro-debut.

Tuomi Wins Pro Debut
Tuomi Wins Pro Debut

Second Pro-bout of the evening was the one between AVAM’s Alejandro Ferreira and Gladius Dexter Dyall Wallin, this was a much shorter fight than the first one with hard punches and kicks going both ways until Wallin knocks Ferreira down and gets some good ground’n’pound action til’ the referee stops it giving Wallin a nice win by TKO at 3:55 in the first round.

The main event of the evening was the Pro-bout between Malmö Muay Thai’s Mattias Rosenlind and AVAM’s Rioo Ibrahim making it a fight between two guys from Malmö and the crowd loved it. The first round starts in a fast pace with Rosenlind landing hard kicks to the body and legs of Ibrahim forcing him to go for a takedown, but from a bottom position Rosenlind locks in a scary-looking arm-bar going for the finish. Ibrahim escapes the arm-bar and finds him self on the bottom with Rosenlind on top as the time runs out.

Rosenlind Wins Main Event
Rosenlind Wins Main Event

The second round is all Rosenlind, using his hard striking combos he gets a takedown and manages to get some ground’n’pound but Ibrahim defends nicely from his back, but it is at this time Ibrahim gives up his back and Rosenlind is fast to use it and locks in a Rear-Naked-Choke that forces Ibrahim to tap out at 3:55.

My First Trophy Event
My First Trophy Event

After the fight Rosenlind was very pleased with his win this evening, he says that he thought the arm-bar was going to do it and after that failed attempt he tried to keep the fight standing in order to use his Muay Thai skills. He noticed he had the upper-hand in the grappling game so he decided to use that and finish him on the ground which he did.

Overall Trophy MMA V was very fun, good and professional event with a nice mix of amateur and pro bouts and this is a concept that I think helps Trophy drawing a near full house at their events, I for one am already looking forward to their next event on April 4th 2015.