Sweden-raised Amir Albazi (6-0) has a break in his college studies in London, so MMAViking.com catches up with “the Prince” as he stops by Stockholm for some training at Allstars Training Center. “kebab pizza… we don’t have that in London” says the grappling world champion about what he misses most about being away from home.

Amir Albazi

“People don’t want to fight me” laughs the bantamweight that is looking to stay busy in the cage after last months first round stoppage to keep his undefeated tear. “I challenged Martin Akhtar at Superior Challenge” says the Swede about trying to fight in Sweden for the first time.

“If the guy makes one little mistake, It’ll be over.” – Albazi

“I fight like a prince, with my heart and with my head.” says Albazi about his style. “You always fight with a strategy and smart.”

Check out the full video interview with some training footage with local UFC fighters.

Video Interview with Albazi

Video filmed and edited by Daniel Schälander.