Today was the second day of the IMMAF European Open in Birmingham, England at the Walsall Sport Centre. After day 1, Sweden bounced back in spectacular fashion winning 7 and losing 4.  Iceland, Finland, and Norway battled to get a solid number of wins and losses. See all the results for the Nordic fighters today.

Day 2 Results

155 lbs, Toni Lampinen (Finland) vs. Franklyn Rodrigues (Portugal)
Lampinen takes the unanimous decision in this bout.

170 lbs, Sam Slater (Ireland) vs. Jussi Pirttikangas (Finland)
The Finn loses by a unanimous decision after going full time.

170 lbs, Oskar Karlström Biller (Sweden) vs. Dominik Krueger (Germany)
Biller loses by a head and arm choke in the second round.

155 lbs, Bjarki Omarsson (Iceland) vs. Ali Ebrahim Qasim (Bahrain)
Omarsson secures the win via TKO at 2:31 in round 3.

? lbs, Dorian Dermendzhiev vs. Juho Kahranaho (Finland)
The Finn Kahranaho loses by a guillotine choke at 1:24 in round 1.

155 lbs, Geir Kare Cemsoylu (Norway) vs. Francesco Spinola (Italy)
The Norwegian Geir wins by a TKO at 2:59 in round 2.

155 lbs, Christophe Choteau (France) vs. Christian Stava (Norway)
Stava loses this one due to a cut across his eyelid rendering him unable to continue.

155 lbs, Johan Andersson (Sweden) vs. Tomi Borisov (Bulgaria)
Andersson takes this match by a unanimous decision.

170 lbs, Bjarki Thor Palsson (Iceland) vs. Ehsan Ghandchiller (Italy)
Palsson takes the W by a submission, head and arm choke at 1:31 in the second round.

205 lbs, Tencho Karaenev (Bulgaria) vs. Egill Aydvin Hjordisarson (Iceland)
Hjordisarson loses by a guillotine choke at 1:32 in the first round.

Women’s 125 lbs, Anja Saxmark (Sweden) vs. Meagan O’Loughlin (Ireland)
Saxmark secures the win by a rear naked choke at 2:12 in round 3.

Women’s 125 lbs, Inka Auvinen (Finland) vs. Sissel Hansen Brynulfsen (Norway)
The Finn defeats the Norwegian with a triangle choke at 1:40 in the second round.
205 lbs, Ben Forsyth (Ireland) vs. Inge Paulsen (Norway)

Paulsen suffers a loss by a split decision.
Women’s 125 lbs, Sunna Rannveig (Iceland) vs. Ilaria Norcia (Italy)

Rannveig takes the win by a split decision.
Women’s 135 lbs, Gabriella Ringblom (Sweden) vs. Morgane Manfredi (France)
It is Ringblom who wins by a unanimous decision.

Women’s 125 lbs, Michaela Dostalova (Czech Rep.) vs. Anette Sterberg (Finland)
The Finn suffer a defeat by a split decision.

125 lbs, Hussain Haki Mahdi (Bahrain) vs. Serdar Atlas (Sweden)
Atlas loses by a rear naked choke in the first round at 2:18.

Women’s 135 lbs, Varpu Rinne (Finland) vs. Ingibjorg Birna Arsaelsdotter (Iceland)
Rinne takes this one home by a unanimous decision.

Woman’s 145 lbs, Sanna Merta (Finland) vs. Lindsey Doyle (Ireland)
Merta secures the win via TKO in round 2.

135 lbs, Abdul Hussein (Finland) vs. Steliyan Ivaylov (Bulgaria)
Hussein wins by a guillotine choke at 0:44 in round 2.

145 lbs, Joel Moya Schöndorff (Sweden) vs. Ciaran Breslin (Ireland)
Moya defeats the irishman by a unanimous decision.

135 lbs, Renato Vidovic (Sweden) vs. Josh Neale (United Kingdom)
Vidovic takes this on by a TKO at 0:50 in the first round.

145 lbs, Connor Hitchens (United Kingdom) vs. Bjartur Gudlaugsson (Iceland)
Gudlaugsson loses by a rear naked choke in round 3 at 2:53.

185 lbs, James Duckett (United Kingdom) vs. Adrian Jahre (Norway)
Jahre loses by a unanimous decision.

185 lbs, Rostem Akman (Sweden) vs. Kiefer Crosbie (Ireland)
Akman takes this win by a armbar at 2:40 in the first round.

145 lbs, Ante Agneby (Sweden) vs. Jani Hägg (Finland)
Agneby defeats Hägg by a unanimous decision.

145 lbs, Ross McCorriston (Northern Ireland) vs. Ole Johnny Eriksen (Norway)
Eriksen is defeated by a unanimous decision.

265 lbs, Petur Oskarsson (Iceland) vs. Yordan Ivanov (Bulgaria)
Oskarsson wins by an armbar at 2:34 in the first round.

185 lbs, Marius Hakonsen (Norway) vs. Juho Laitinen (Finland)
Laitinen loses to Hakonsen by a unanimous decision.

170 lbs, Jorden Indsetviken (Norway) vs. Sam Slater (Ireland)
Indsetviken wins by a unanimous decision.

155 lbs Quarterfinal, Thomas Martin (Ireland) vs. Toni Lampinen (Finland)
Lampinen loses by a unanimous decision.

170 lbs Quarterfinal, Dorian Dermendzhiev (Bulgaria) vs. Oskar Biller (Sweden)
The swede loses by a gullotine choke at 1:22 in the first round and the Bulgarian moves to the semi finals.

155 lbs Quarterfinal, Geir Kare Cemsoylu (Norway) vs. Bjarki Omarsson (Iceland)
It is Cemsoylu who takes the win over the Icelandic by a unanimous decision in what was described as the best fight of the day.

155 lbs, Lee Hammond (Ireland) vs. Johan Andersson (Sweden)
Andersson lost by a rear naked choke at 2:17 in round 1 to the Irish Hammond who is one hot prospect for the gold in the 155 division.

170 lbs, Bjarki Palsson (Iceland) vs. Christophe Choteau (France)
Palsson moves on to the next day by an armbar win at 2:46 in the first round.

So the second days results are:

Sweden – 7 wins / 4 losses
Iceland – 5 wins / 4 losses
Finland – 5 wins / 6 losses
Norway – 4 wins / 5 losses