Aleksi Toivonen (4-1) is ready for his comeback in his young career.  The 25 year old suffered his first loss versus Oleg Lichkovaka (4-1) at CAGE 39 in Helsinki, but is now ready for his return at CAGE 40 going down on September 9th. “I made some critical errors in my last fight, but one day when i’ll be fighting for the world title, no one will remember this.” says the Lahden Gentai fighter to

The Finn will be taking on Oleg Mykhayliv (6-6) out of the Ukraine in the flyweight division.  While he has an even record, he has lost his last four bouts.  “My opponent will be tall, southpaw. So interesting matchup.  I am looking forward for a different kind of challenge.”

“Above all things skills and attributes matter to me. And based on those, I believe I can beat anybody in the world.” says the Giant (a nickname “Jätti” given to him by Mikael Silander’s three year old son) about his future.

CAGE 40 main event features a main event between Finn Joni Salovaara versus Brazilian Victor “KIKO” Marinho.