MMA Viking is in Vantaa Finland for the big Cage 22 card Saturday night. The fights start at 17.00 Reykjavik, 18.00 Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, and 19.00 Helsinki.  Check out this page for live updates and video interviews.

Niinimäki / Beebe & Kuivanen / Pierce (Photo by Antti Latva-Kyyny)
Niinimäki / Beebe & Kuivanen / Pierce (Photo by Antti Latva-Kyyny)

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Play-by-Play and Results


The arena is quickly getting packed with people. We’re told that ticket sales are getting up to 3000 which would make this the biggest event ever in Finland.

Expecting over 2,500 fans in Vantaa
Expecting over 2,500 fans in Vantaa

LW: Jani Salmi (2-2) 70,3 kg vs Juho Kahranaho (0-2) 70,0 kg
R1: Alright folks, here we go!  Kahranaho opens with couple of kicks but Salmi clinches right away and pushes him against the cage. Salmi working for a takedown from a body lock. Kahranaho turns Salmi around but gets taken down by Salmi’s trip. Salmi on top trying to pass half guard. Kahranaho gets back on his feet but gets pushed against the cage again by Salmi. Salmi sets up a takedown with an overhand right. Salmi again working to get past Kahranaho’s half guard. Salmi passes and moves straight to mount. Salmi bombs Kahranaho with heavy shots from the mount. Kahranaho bridges, reverses and passes to Salmi’s side mount. The round ends with Kahranaho dropping bombs on Salmi.

R2: Kahranaho connects with a right hand but Salmi shoots and takes him down. Salmi passes to half guard and continues to work for a full pass. Salmi gets the mount again. Salmi dropping heavy leather on Kahranaho who again reverses but is threatened by Salmi’s armbar. It looks tight but Kahranaho gets out of it. They get back on the feet and this time it’s Kahranaho with the takedown. Kahranaho staying active on top with punches. Salmi works his way back to the feet. Salmi goes for a standing guillotine but it’s not there. Salmi scores another takedown with 30 seconds to go. Salmi lands couple of punches before the horn goes off. Good start to the night!

Winner: Salmi by UD

LW: Patrik Pietilä (0-0) 69,9 kg vs Rasul Khataev (1-0) 70,0 kg

R1: Fighters start with feeling out period. Khataev lands a beautiful hip throw as Pietilä clinches with him. Khataev lands a lead hook. Khataev attacks with a punch combination with couple of them landing hard. Pietilä looks unfaced but taken down by Khataev. Pietilä tries to get back to his feet but Khataev’s punch sends him back on the floor. Pietilä hanging on to Khataev and tries to sweep him. Pietilä again tries to get back on the feet but again Khataev sends him back down with a heavy shot. Pietilä gets to his feet for a second only to get tossed on his head by Khataev’s throw. Pietilä reverses and throws punches from Khataev’s guard but not much are landing.

R2: Khataev opens up with a stiff teep kick. The Chechen is really headhunting with strong haymakers but Pietilä is staying calm under pressure. Crazy striking exchanges with both guys swinging for the fences. Khataev looks a bit tired as Pietilä takes him down. Pietilä gets mount on Khataev who eventually reverses the position only to get sweeped by Pietilä. Pietilä throws punches but Khataev answers with a triangle armbar. It looks tight! The gutsy Finn defends well and gets top position once again. The fight ends with Pietilä raining down strikes on Khataev. Great fight!

Winner:  Khataev by UD

BW: Tuomas Grönvall (1-0) 61,1 kg vs Miika Kauppinen (2-2) 63,0 kg

R1: Grönvall opens up with a punch kick combo. Kauppinen has a long reach advantage and is pumping with his long jab. Kauppinen goes for a high kick. Grönvall shoots and gets Kauppinen on the ground. Kauppinen starts working for a triangle right away. Grönvall staying calm and throwing single punches. Grönvall passes to half guard but gets swept by Kauppinen’s butterfly sweep. Grönvall gets on his knees, shoots and puts Kauppinen on his back again. Kauppinen staying active on his back and looks for sweeps. Grönvall moves to half guard and seems to look for a brabo choke. Grönvall punishing Kauppinen’s body with short punches. The ref calls for action. Round one ends with Grönvall throwing short punches from Kauppinen’s butterfly guard.

R2: Grönvall shoots right away and gets the fight on the ground. Grönvall passes Kauppinen’s guard to side mount. Grönvall works for a kimura and then locks up a brabo choke. Kauppinen refuses to tap and goes to sleep for a second!

Winner:  Grönvall by Brabo choke R2.

FW: Mika Hämäläinen (2-0) 65,7 kg vs Jere Varila (0-1) 65,6 kg

R1: Hämäläinen shoots for a single leg and then switches to a double leg that sends Varila flying through the air before getting slammed to the ground. Hämäläinen drops down for a heel hook. It’s tight and Varila taps out in pain.

Winner: Hämäläinen by heel hook R1

LW: Kennet Mattson (5-2) 70,9 kg vs Aleksi Mäntykivi (2-1) 70,8 kg

R1: Mäntykivi starts with a strong right hand and follows with a takedown. Mattson works for a kimura and Mäntykivi stands back up. Mattson with a takedown from clinch. Mäntykivi reverses but Mattson quickly locks up his trademark triangle. Mäntykivi hangs in there and tries to punch Mattson but the choke is too tight leaving Mäntykivi no option but to tap out.

Mattson With Another Win

Winner: Mattson by triangle choke R1.

WW: Juho Valamaa (4-1) 76,7 kg vs Shamil Ismailov (4-1) 76,7 kg (Fight Preview + Prelims)

R1: Ismailov with a quick flurry of strikes. Valamaa shoots, clinches and takes Ismailov down with a trip. Valamaa in half guard throwing single punches and elbows. Elbows to the body from Valamaa. Knee to the body from Valamaa Valamaa goes for a guillotine choke as Ismailov tries to get up. Fighters get back to the feet. Ismailov attacks again with fast punches.  Valamaa answers with a high kick. Valamaa pushes Ismailov against the cage and punishes him with knees from the clinch. More knees and short elbows from the Finn. Ismailov reverses the position but continues to clinch. Ismailov with a spinning back fist but swings for air. Valamaa punishing Ismailov again with knees in the clinch. Ismailov throws a spinning back kick as the round ends.

R2: Ismailov with a lead hook. Valamaa shoots but gets caught in Ismailov’s guillotine that looks tight. The Finn keep his calm, pops his head out and starts bombing Ismailov with strikes. Ismailov rolls but Valamaa takes his back. Valamaa goes for an arm but Ismailov defends well and reverses landing in side mount. Ismailov punishing Valamaa with strikes but the gutsy Finn drives forward and scores a takedown. Valamaa goes for a knee bar. Ismailov again punishing Valamaa with heavy punches. Valamaa shoots but ends up on the bottom.  Both guys are exhausted. Ismailov throwing heavy strikes and going to town on Valamaa who collapses on the ground. Ismailov lands couple more punches before the ref finally stops the fight.

Winner: Ismailov by TKO R2.

Short break and the action continues with four main card bouts.

WW: Kai Puolakka (9-3) 77,0 kg vs Mickael Lebout (7-2), France 77,0 kg (Fight Preview)

R1: Puolakka moving forward with punches and kicks. Puolakka connects with a right hand. Lebout lands a low kick. Puolakka holds the center of the cage and attacks with one-twos. Lebout clinches but outmuscled by the Finn. Puolakka lands a strike as they separate. Clinch battle against the cage wall. Puolakka with a heavy low kick. Lebout keeps swinging for air with his punches. Lebout with a inside low kick. Puolakka presses forward with a right hand that connects. Lebout kicks Puolakka’s cup and the action is halted for a moment. Lebout lands a good right hand and follows up with a flurry that lands on Puolakka’s guard. Lebout throws a jab that Puolakka’s times well, shoots and scores a clean takedown. Round ends with Puolakka standing in Lebout’s open guard.

R2: Puolakka lands another right hand to start off the round.  Lebout with a low kick. Both guys throwing punches but not much is really landing. Puolakka is cut over the right eye. Puolakka presses forward again with one-twos. Lebout answers with strikes of his own. Uppercut for Lebout lands. Puolakka scores another heavy low kick. Puolakka shoots but gets stuffed. Puolakka gets the takedown he wanted and lands on Lebout’s guard. The Frenchman is not doing much off his back but manages to get back to his feet. Crazy striking exchange with both guys throwing wildly! Crowd going nuts here. Clinch battle against the cage with Puolakka pressing the action. Couple more striking exchanges on the feet before the round ends. High pace of the fight is beginning to show on the fighters.

R3: Crowd gives a big round of applause as the third round starts. Lebout swings wildly but nothing is connecting. Puolakka with couple leg kicks and a right hand. Lebout answers with a body shot. Lebout goes for a superman punch but gets countered by Puolakka’s jab. More tiring clinch work against the cage. Puolakka shoots for a double, picks Lebout up and slams him to the ground. Puolakka standing in Lebout’s guard and throws single shots. Hard right hand connects for Puolakka. Lebout gets back on his feet. Puolakka pressing the action with kick-punch combinations. The Finn is outworking the Frenchman. Lebout circles away and looks tired. Lebout comes back with a body shot . Lebout takes Puolakka down with a body lock. Puolakka gets quickly back on his feet and takes Lebout down with a single leg. The horn goes off as the fight ends. Another great fight!

Winner: Puolakka by UD

LHW: Marcus “Caveman” Vänttinen (21-4) 93,0 kg vs Boubacar Balde (9-5), France 92,7 kg (Fight Preview)

R1: Vänttinen shoots in right away and pushes Balde against the fence. Vänttinen with hard knees to the legs. Vänttinen continues to punish Balde’s lead leg with knees from clinch. Vänttinen gets body lock, just lifts Balde up like nothing and drops him on the floor. Vänttinen with a knee to the body from half guard. Balde does a good job with tying Vänttinen’s long arms. Vänttinen lands another heavy knee to the body and follows up with a elbow to the head. Another knee to the ribs from Vänttinen. The Finn is now punishing Balde with elbows and punches. Balde rolls over to his stomach with Vänttinen on his back throwing mean leather.

R2: Vänttinen connects with two heavy low kicks. Right hand lands for Balde. Vänttinen clinches and pushes Balde against the fence. The Finn slams Balde to the ground with a trip from clinch. Vänttinen in Balde’s half guard working for a kimura. Elbows and punches from Vänttinen. Looks like Balde is beginning to fold under Vänttinen’s pressure from the top. Balde rolls over and Vänttinen takes his back. Vänttinen works for a rear naked choke but doesn’t get the tap. Vänttinen continues to soften Balde up with punches and then goes again a rear naked. This time it’s under the chin and Balde’s taps out after a short struggle.

Winner: Vänttinen by rear naked choke R2. Vänttinen keeps his Cage LHW belt.

LW: Anton Kuivanen (17-6) 70,3 kg vs Jason Pierce (10-1), USA 70,0 kg (FightPreview)

Pierce Preparing for his Battle Against Kuivanen
This is a fight for the Lightweight Belt
This is a fight for the Lightweight Belt

R1: Crowd gives thundering applause to the home town favorite Kuivanen. Kuivanen
attacks with a one two. Pierce wants to clinch against the fence but gets reversed immediately by Kuivanen who throws few knees to the body. Clinch battle continues against the fence with Kuivanen pressing the action. Kuivanen misses with a high kick and gets Pierce partly on his back against the fence. Kuivanen gets free and throws a knee that lands low. The ref gives Pierce time to breathe. The action continues with Pierce instigating clinch again. Kuivanen drops down for a double, picks Pierce up and slams him  to the ground. Kuivanen on top working for a arm triangle choke. Pierce defends with answer the phone move. The round ends with Kuivanen in Pierce’s guard.´

Kuivanen fired up for round number 2
Kuivanen fired up for round number 2

R2: Kuivanen starts off with a low kick. Pierce moves in to clinch and Kuivanen counters with a knee to the body. Kuivanen bombs Pierce with a huge kick to the body. Another roundhouse kick from Kuivanen connects. The Finn follows up with a knee from Thai clinch. Now it’s Pierce’s time to throw a kick to the nuts. Kuivanen takes a breather and the action continues. Crowd chanting “Anton Anton” as the Finn presses forward with punches and kicks. Pierce goes for a single leg but Kuivanen is stuffing it firmly. Kuivanen gets thai clinch and punishes Pierce’s midsection with a solid knee. Clinch battle continues against the fence with Kuivanen pressing the action. Kuivanen drops down for a double, connects his hands and takes Pierce for a ride. Kuivanen lands couple of punches from Pierce’s back before the round ends.

R3:  Round starts off fast with both guys landing right hands. Kuivanen attacks with punches. Pierce answers with a front kick. Clinch battle again against the fence with Kuivanen pressing the action with knees the body. Another heavy knee connects for Kuivanen. A jab and knee from Kuivanen. Pierce tries to go for a takedown but Kuivanen throws a switch on him and almost gets his back. Kuivanen punishing Pierce on the feet with hard punches and knees. Short clinch battle against the cage wall and the horn goes off!

Winner: Kuivanen by UD. Kuivanen keeps his Cage lightweight belt.

Kuivanen celebrates with a backflip of the cage.
Kuivanen celebrates with a backflip of the cage.

FW: Tom “Stoneface” Niinimäki (18-5) 65,8 kg vs Chase “the Rage” Beebe (24-9), USA 65,8kg (Fight Preview)

Niinimäki brought his stoneface.
Niinimäki brought his stoneface.

R1: Niinimäki connects with two right hands. Lead hook from Niinimäki lands. Niinimäki shoots in but his head is caught in Beebe’s guillotine. Niinimäki pops his head out and the action continues on the feet. Niinimäki with a stiff knee from clinch. Beebe presses Niinimäki against the fence but gets taken down by Niinimäki’s trip. Niinimäki punishing Beebe with strikes from the top. Elbow for Niinimäki connects to Beebe’s forehead. The ref stands them up. Niinimäki with a knee to the body followed by a beautiful sweep that sends Beebe to the ground. Niinimäki again working with strikes from Beebe’s guard. Niinimäki ends the round with a right hand as fighters are getting up from the floor.

R2: Niinimäki lands a body kick. Beebe catches the leg and goes for a takedown but gets stuffed. Niinimäki shoots in but this time it’s his turn  to get stuffed. Clinch battle against the fence with Niinimäki pressing smaller Beebe. Niinimäki ducks under Beebe’s punch and takes him down. Niinimäki with steady stream of punches from Beebe’s guard. Short scramble and the guys are back on their feet. Niinimäki with low and high kicks. The Finn bombs Beebe’s midsection with a hard knee. Clinch battle against the fence. Beebe drops down for a guillotine choke but Niinimäki lands on his half guard and the choke is not there.

R3: Beebe rushes forward with punches and scores a takedown on Niinimäki who  gets quickly back on his feet. The Finn drops Beebe with a right hand. Beebe gets quickly on his feet only to get slammed back down by Niinimäki. Niinimäki throwing leather from Beebe’s guard. Niinimäki passes Beebe’s guard and has a reversed mount on him. Niinimäki looks for a knee bar but bails on it and moves to side mount. Beebe manages to cover guard. The Finn stays active with punches from the top. Niinimäki connects with a right elbow to Beebe’s nose. The American gets on his knees and drives forward with a single leg. Niinimäki stuffs the takedown attempt from Beebe. Beebe goes for one more guillotine attempt but the Finn spins out of trouble.

Winner: Niinimäki by UD. Niinimäki keeps his Cage featherweight belt.

The Champs
The Champs