A very disappointed Joachim Christensen (14-6) was stopped by Dominick Reyes (7-0) in just 29 seconds on the UFC FN Oklahoma card. “I’m in a for damn deep valley right now man” says the 38-year-old fighter to MMAViking.com following his second loss in just two months.

While the UFC status of the light heavyweight is uncertain with his rapid one win and three loss record since stepping into the Octagon for the first time last October. “If they give me one more chance. I don’t know. But if they do, we’ll take it.”

The Dane was immediately caught by a straight left hand, and the American eventually followed up with another left against to drop Christensen forcing the stoppage. “It will be all right. Shit happens. It will be hard way back.”

“It’s a long way to climb back. But we will get there again.”

While the Arte Suave fighter was preparing for Azamat Murzakanov in last Sunday’s bout, he ultimately faced late replacement upcoming, undefeated star Reyes. “It’s always hard to fight that way around the south paw. But the punch went thru my guard, and there it was just one way down.”

“My body is okay. My nose is okay, not broken just sore.” says the Dane that was bloodied after the short exchange leading to the loss.