The main event on Saturday at Superior Challenge 12 pits Dane light heavyweight champion Joachim Christensen (10-3) against the rising Swedish star Max ”Power” Nunes (15-2).  “I’m not taking this fight, as a defense of the belts this is a fight, a I’m so happy about that I can go out there as Superiors champion and show the spectators, that I belong in the superior family, and all fighters are top fit, top ready, and good sportsmen and ambassadors for the sport, belt or no belt” says Christensen to


The Dane admits that he might not win the photo contest at the weigh-ins against the model looks with washboard abs of his opponent. “He he. I think he is more fit in the muscles. But I’m an former swimmer, and had never had stomach muscles. No matter how hard I train, and how low fat I eat. I always look the same. But my strength is there:). Totally Jedi style.” jokes Christensen.

Nunes Returns to Superior Challenge

Nunes is the much hyped fighter, who started his career with 11 straight wins at light heavyweight. After suffering his first loss back in 2013, he has rebounded with solid performances at middleweight, before going back up to fight for the belt at the 205 lbs limit on Saturday in Malmö. “Against a middle weight. Well, I have been fighting down there also. So I know the speed and the power. Off course I will be a little slower compared to that. But I feel ready to the challenge. I normally walk around at 97-98. So I’m not that heavy . But it hope that we get a exciting fight.”

Christensen who comes with a two win streak hasn’t fought since May 3rd 2014, where the Dane won the title at SC10 against Matti Mäkelä by a unanimous decision. “Well. I’m felt tired after 3 fights in one season. And then i was training up to superior 11, but then they took me of the card. So I have competing in BJJ just to hold the chess game alive. And it was also very hard to get fights. So one year is too long. It have been a long camp he he. So I’m very happy that I have to fight.”

Christensen with the Superior Strap

While this bout will have an impact on what country the Superior belt will live, it will also impact any UFC dreams of the fighter. “I don’t know about this. I think that Max is close to the ufc, and he have a plan to get winning streaks to show the ufc that he’s ready. And about and the ufc, I have no idea at all. Personally I think I’m far away.”

Tickets for the event are still available.  Click here.