It wasn’t too long ago that Rumble Sport’s Jonas Mågård (3-3) was on a three fight losing streak, but after last night’s win, the Shark has turned things around putting together a two fight winning streak.

“I got caught in a tight guillotine, but I toughened it out and ended up getting the Rumble Sports special: the Japanese necktie. I got it originally, but I had to reset, soften him up with some punches and locked it on tight, which made him tap right at the buzzer.” recalls the Dane after last night’s win at ICE FC 16 in the UK.

Magard in Actoin at ICE FC
Magard in Actoin at ICE FC

“He kept running away, so it was tough to get my boxing working. We ended up trading kicks initially, but then I twisted my ankle and decided to take him down, as I had a hard time moving properly on my feet.” says Magard about the tough night of action against England’s Stephen Gardener (3-5) before he could secure the finish.

Mågård was the only Nordic fighter on the pro MMA portion of the card, after Camilla Hinze’s debacle with the contracted weight for her bout.

“It wasn’t quite, what I had hoped for in terms of my performance, but it was fun playing a bit with the kicks and of course getting my first win away from home.” says the Dane, that had previously lost abroad in Switzerland and England.

Mågård was victorious in May at ICE FC 15, where he also won by Japanese necktie.