Jonathan Svensson will make his way to join the rejuvenated Alpha Male camp in Sacramento, California.  The Swede with a 4 win and 1 loss record is from Stockholm’s Pancrase Gym, has been signed to one of the hottest MMA camps in the world.  “I have already been there twice. I like it alot there, great place to be at.” Svensson says to after the announcment.

Jonathan Svensson
Jonathan Svensson Victorious Again

“Jon is a young guy with a lot of potential,” says Alpha Male founder Urijah Faber.  Faber has been benefiting from a camp now lead by Duane “Bang” Ludvig, and now Svensson will be at a facility with top-level wrestling and straking.

Urijah Faber
“He has shown a degree of tenacity that you need to win at the upper levels of MMA.  Just watch his fights.  He wants to finish matches, not just avoid losing them.  You either have that mentality or you don’t.  That’s the type of fighter we are looking for.”

The timing for the move and a next bout is still in discussion as Svensson reveals.  “I injured my knee, and had a surgery 5 weeks ago. So right know I’m  trying to rehab and heal up.”

“A few years ago it was difficult to find gyms and training partners, let alone fights.  You just had to keep training and hope for the best.  Signing with MMA Inc. is not only beneficial to me as a fighter but to the rest of the fight community.  I’m looking forward to representing them and showing what we are capable of out here.”