Fight Night Finland (FNF) will take their show to Helsinki, for a star studded Helsinki Fight Night show.  While an injury will prevent UFC veteran Anton Kuivanen from competing on this weekend’s Cage 26 card, he is committed to being ready for the Fight Night Finland card on June 14.  FNF officials announced today the main fighters mostly from Team MMA Finland that will be on the card.


The promotion most recently put on Karkkila Fight Night on March 15, and now will battle at the Pasila Sports Hall in a rare Nordic event held in June.

For the most part, opponents have not been set for the Finns.  MMA veterans Kuivanen, Kai Puolakka, and “Tipi” Hirvikangas will be big draws for the Helsinki crowd.  In addition Mika Hämäläinen and Teemu Packalen will take their unbeaten records into the cage.  Opponents for the announced fighters have not been established.  The card will also include two Muay Thai bouts.  See the released card below:


70.3 kg Anton Kuivanen ( 20-7-0 ) GB GYM / Team MMA Finland vs TBA

77.1 kg Kai Puolakka ( 11-4-0) GB Gym / Team MMA Finland vs TBA

65.8 kg Timo Juhani Hirvikangas ( 8-2-0 ) FFG / Team MMA Finland vs TBA

61.2 kg Mika Hämäläinen ( 5-0-0 ) GB Gym / Team MMA Finland vs TBA

83.9 kg Timo Suhonen ( 12-1-0 ) Espoon Kehähait vs TBA

77.1 kg Juho Valamaa ( 6-2-0 ) FFG / Team MMA Finland vs TBA

70.3 kg Teemu Packalen ( 4-0-0 ) FFG Finland vs TBA

70.3 kg Rasul Khataev ( 3-2-0 ) Fight Factory vs TBA

Muay Thai

86 kg Ville Aalto vs Daniel Forsberg

67 kg Deo ”Check Bin” Phetsangkhat vs TBA will be reporting live from the event, so stay tuned for on-going updates and live coverage.