Strength & Honor 8 will take place in Geneva, Switzerland this Saturday. You will find results here from the three Nordic fighters on the card.

The Hulk Ready for SHC 8
The Hulk Ready for SHC 8


Emil “Hulk” Meek (3-1-0) Versus Tato Primera (4-1-0)
Results : Meek by Knock Out in Round 1

Meek Wins (Photo by MMA fight team "Team Grind" Coach Ettrup's)
Meek Wins (Photo by MMA fight team “Team Grind” Coach Ettrup’s)

“Hulk SMASH! Round 1 TKO 20-30 Secounds!!! Thank you all for the love and support! Really really appriciate it!” says Meek via Facebook after the bout. He also tells that “It felt GREAT!”.

Yosef Ali Muhammad (1-1-0) Versus Heddy Missouri (4-2-0)
Results : Muhammad won.

Matti Mäkelä (11-11-0) Versus Henrique Shigemoto (5-1-1)
Results : Mäkelä won by RNC.

All three fighters were victorious tonight.