It is Day 4 of the 2016 IMMAF European Open in Prague. There will be fights from Finland, Iceland, Sweden, and Norway. See updated results by country below. Winner of semi-final bouts here go to the finals tomorrow!!!

The First Three Bouts of the Evening

ICELAND (1 win & 1 loss)
Men’s Welterweight: Magnus Ingvarsson (Iceland) vs. Gianluigi Ventoruzzo (Italy) WINNER by Split Decision
Men’s Light Heavyweight: Tencho Karaenev (Bulgaria) vs. Egill Hjordisarson (Iceland) WINNER by Submission

FINLAND (1 win & 3 losses)
Women’s Flyweight: Alexandra Kovacs (Hungry) WINNER by UD vs. Anette Osterberg (Finland)
Women’s Featherweight: Julia Dorny (Germany) WINNER by UD vs. Iris Nihti (Finland)
Women’s Bantamweight: Chamia Chabbi (Finland) vs. Camilla Mannes (Norway) WINNER by Split Decision
Men’s  Super Heavyweight: Matias Anttila (Finland) WINNER by TKO vs. Damian Visenjak (Austria)

SWEDEN (7 wins & 1 loss)
Women’s Flyweight: Gabriella Ringblom (Sweden) WINNER by UD vs. Ilaria Norcia (Italy)
Women’s Bantamweight: Cornelia Holm (Sweden) WINNER by TKO Round 1 vs. Arziko Bregu (Italy)
Men’s Flyweight: Sanan Safarli (Azerbaijan) vs. Serdar Altas (Sweden) WINNER by Submission
Men’s Bantamweight: Jan Vaclavek (Czech Republic) vs. Renato Vidovic (Sweden) WINNER by TKO
Men’s Featherweight: Hoger Salih (Sweden) vs. Michele Martigoni (Italy) WINNER by Majority Decision
Men’s Featherweight: Kierandip Sahota (UK) vs. Daniel Schalander (Sweden) WINNER by UD
Men’s Middleweight: Rostem Akman (Sweden) WINNER by UD vs. Tom Crosby (UK)
Men’s Heavyweight: Irman Smajic (Sweden) WINNER by UD vs. Ion Grigore (Romania)

Norway (1 win & 1 loss)
Women’s Bantamweight: Chamia Chabbi (Finland) vs. Camilla Mannes (Norway) WINNER by Split Decision
Men’s Heavyweight: Berat Berisha (Norway) vs. Daniel Galabarov (Bulgaria) WINNER by UD