Official Nordic MMA Rankings

Since 2011, MMA Viking has published the official Nordic MMA rankings.  The well-respected rankings have been used by various promotions across the globe.

The list includes the top fighters in each weight classes for men and women.  “Contenders” are also listed in each weight class to recognize fighters that can break into the rankings with a solid win or two.

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June 2020

Past Rankings :

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MMA Viking’s ranking criteria.

A fighter can be ranked in MMAViking’s Official Nordic rankings if he/she meets following conditions:

  1. Born or permanently living in one of the Nordic countries (Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden)
  2. Fought in MMA within a year
  3. Has an upcoming fight booked

Note 1: Rankings are always somewhat subjective no matter how you do them. We rank the Nordic fighters: actual results, activity, head to head bouts, quality of opponents, and quality of wins. So, our rankings are not our opinion of what fighter is better than another, but an attempt to show fighters that have more quality wins of top level competition.

Note 2: Fighters that drop down or go up a weight class will not be ranked in their previous weight class when it seems that the move is somewhat permanent. However their previous status in the upper or lower weight class will be taken into consideration when ranking them in their new weight class. Weight class changes will be handled on a case by case basis since there’s hard to find any universal rules for these cases.