Emil Weber Meek (6-2-1-1) will face Christophe Van Dijck (7-1) in Umeå, Sweden this Saturday at Battle of Botnia 2015. Meek talks to MMAViking.com about his stay in Umeå to train with Andreas Ståhl who is getting for his UFC bout. “It’s not fun” jokes the Norwegian about his grappling battles with the powerful wrestler from Northern Sweden.

Meek has dropped his nickname the “Hulk” (given to him by mmaViking.com), and has decided on Valhalla. “I wanted something more Norwegian.” explains the welterweight.

“He is a judo player, and he likes to throw people around.” says Meek about Van Dijck. “I’ll find a way to finish.” explains the MMA Trondheim fighter that hopes to take over late in the fight.

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