The final day has arrived and it’s all about the medals today. Today there are no less than 14 fighters from Nordic countries competing for the gold, some finals were even are all nordic so expect a day full of action as these amateurs put it all on the line for gold and glory. In Iceland’s first IMMAF international competition, they came home with 2 gold and 1 silver.

First out for the day we had the Women.

Women’s 155 lbs, Leah McCourt (Northern Ireland) vs. Mia Isola (Finland)
Isola loses by a unanimous decision and get’s a silver to take back home.

Women’s 125 lbs, Sunna Rannveig (Iceland) vs. Anja Saxmark (Sweden)
Here it was all about Sunna using her excellent striking to get the gold, Rannveig wins by TKO (ground strikes) at 2:32 in round 2.

Men’s 145 lbs, Joel Moya Schöndorff (Sweden) vs. Ross McCorriston (Northern Ireland)
Moya uses his experience and a well fought fight earn him the gold, Moya wins by decision (split).

Men’s 265 lbs, Irman Smajic (Sweden) vs. Daniel Galabarov (Bulgaria)
In this clash of giants Smajic loses by a kimura at 0:37 in the final round.

Men’s 155 lbs, Jack Shore (United Kingdom) vs. Geir Kare Cemsoylu (Norway)
After being dominated both on the feet and on the ground Cemsoylu loses by a unanimous decision.

Men’s 170 lbs, Dorian Dermendzhiev (Bulgaria) vs. Bjarki Palsson (Iceland)
After going the full time and dominating most parts it’s Palsson who takes the gold via a unanimous decision.

Women’s 135 lbs, Gabriella Ringblom (Sweden) vs. Varpu Rinne (Finland)
In this second all nordic women’s final it’s Ringblom who uses precision strikes against Rinne  but it’s the finn who has all judges with her after 3 rounds. Varpu Rinne wins by a unanimous decision.

Women’s 145 lbs, Sanna Merta (Finland) vs. Cornelia Holm (Sweden)
Yet again it’s an all nordic final for the women it’s the Finn Merta who gets away with a win by unanimous decision.

Men’s 135 lbs, Marco Zanetti (Italy) vs. Abdul Hussein (Finland)
The mens bantamweight final was a full timer and it was up the judges, and it was Hussein that got the win by a split decision.

Men’s 185 lbs, Rostem Akman (Sweden) vs. Marius Hakonsev (Norway)
This middle weight seemed to have been a pretty close one, and the decision was a unanimous one for Rostem Akman.

This must be described as a very successful tournament for the nordics with no less than 21 medals won, how they where divided between the countries follows bellow:

Finland: 3 Gold / 1 Silver / 2 Bronze

Sweden 2 Gold / 4 Silver / 2 Bronze

Iceland 2 Gold / 1 Bronze

Norway 2 Silver / 2 Bronze

Next year the IMMAF European Open will be held in the Czech Republic.