CAGE 40 goes down tomorrow at the Helsinki Culture House. contributor Jarno Juutinen was cageside to capture the weigh-ins at the Hard Rock Cafe.  Headliner Joni Salovaara was presented with his late replacement opponent, and Patrik Pietilä was a no show as he focused on getting recovered and ready for tomorrow.

Joni Salovaara (17-9-0) versus Alexey Oleinik (11-12)

Mikael Nyyssönen (9-3-0) versus Patrik Pietilä (8-5-0)

Aleksi Toivonen (4-1-0) versus Oleg Mykhayliv (7-6-0)

Abdul Hussein (2-0-0) versus Ilhom Aliev Ru (2-1-0)

Suvi Salmimies (7-4-1) versus Zarah Fairn Dos Santos  (4-2-0)

Tuukka Repo (3-1-0) versus Vítězslav Rajnoch  (6-0-0)

Edward Walls (4-2-0 versus Artur Aliev (3-1-1)

MMA Viking will be live in Helsinki for the bout, so come back for live reporting and photos.