Finland’s premiere mixed martial arts organisation Cage has informed that they are going to have three more events this year, instead of two previously announced events. Now the schedule for the rest of the year is as follows, Cage 31 on September 19th, the new event Cage 32 on 23rd of October, and Cage 33 in November will close down the year for the promotion.

The Culture House of Helsinki serves as the venue for Cage events.
The Culture House of Helsinki serves as the venue for Cage events

Cage matchmaker Timo Lampen revealed to that he has been building up two fight cards this summer, both Cage 31 and Cage 32. According to Lampen, Cage 31 and 32 will feature completely different fighters. Cage 32 won’t have any Cage contract fighters, but will feature some of the biggest Finnish stars. Announcements will be coming in the upcoming weeks for both events.

“Who knows, next year there might be events in bigger venues. I have to say, I’m super excited about the upcoming season, you have no idea how excited I am. The upcoming months are going to be very awesome”.

Cage 31 already has most of their contracted fighters, including Anton Kuivanen, Rafael Domingos, Aleksi Nurminen, Saku Heikkola, and Suvi Salmimies. So look for them to be back on the November card for Cage 33, while Cage 32 will be the wild card event.

Cage Featuring Veterans and Building New Stars Like Aleksi Nurminen

All Cage events this year will be held in The Culture House at Helsinki, Finland. “We’ve found a home in the Culture House in Helsinki, Finland at the moment. We’re extremely happy about our events there and we’re learning to use the space there a lot better from each event”, said Lampen about the venue.

“Finnish MMA scene has grown so much in the past 12 months, basically all major news outlets write about MMA almost daily, hopefully MMA will be a mainstream sport in Finland and athletes could support themselves with the sport and also find financial security for themselves after their careers are over.”

Stay tuned for more updates.